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I am an 50 something empty nester looking to fuel the next "season" of my life with accomplishment.  I am a mother of four exceptional children and one over grown husband who all hopefully will never stop needing me.

I spent the last 30 years of my life developing a very small company which I will call the Lynes Family. We laughed together, cried together and grew into an intertwined unit that will always be connected.  And it all began in the kitchen.

I was raised in a JoyFull Kitchen, not knowing it at the time.  The food was average, my mom really didn't love cooking. But we ate dinner at the same time every night when my mom "blew the whistle" for us to come in, wash up, and and all sit down as a family.  So many memories with my family, just hanging out in a kitchen with no TV and the only phone in the room hung on the wall. I first want to pass on to you my love of the kitchen, teaching you not to be afraid of dinner and all that it entails. I have no formal training but I always say, if you can follow directions, which I think they still teach in kindegarten, then you can cook. Cooking can be fun and very rewarding if you make it as simple as you possible.  Second, and most important I want to pass on my love for family. Kids needs their mom to set the tone and instill a spirit of Joy.  What better place do you have a captive audience, but at the kitchen table? 

So, go ahead, blow the whistle and bring your family back to the table.  I will help you with the rest  

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